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"...Catania was a big city. This island volcano fired it; but the Emperor Federic II founded another town,wich he named Augusta..."( by XIII cent. Arabic Poet )

Augusta was founded per order of Federic II of Hohenstaufen (Stupor Mundi) about 1239 and just in the present place,because it was geographically situated between the towns of Catania and Siracusa ,which had rebelled against the Emperor. Tanks to the fair geographical position and its bay with the large natural port,since its foundation it has performed a predominant role for the cost defence from continuous Saracin invasions.Apart from this military aspect,during the centuries,Augusta has become important for its port to be goods exchange centre and from the fifties to be a international chemical pole.Howewer,in our opinion Augusta most important and profitable activity is linked to its natural and touristic potentalities,up to now ignored because of the wild industrialization wich has now stopped its mad race begun in the fifties.These site aim to present the natural place ,the storical and architecture structures which made Augusta a Mediterranean Sea Queen.

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