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The building dates back to the 17th century, by the time of the Spanish domination. The fortifications of the town, of which the gate is part, were builded up by order of the viceroy Benavides, and were designed by Carlos De Grunembergh, a military architect. It was the main entrance to the town, which could be reached through the two drawbridges installed after the cut of the isthmus, required for military security reasons and to avoid any possible attacks from the North. On the top of the building we can see two rampant gryphons, holding a frame surmounted by the crown of Charles II from Spain, as well as the coat of arms of the viceroy Francisco Benavides, representative of the Crown. The gate has been the only entrance way to the town until the Federico II viaduct was made; it has resisted wars and fights for many centuries and has been remarkably damaged by the earthquake occurred in 1990. It's restaurated in 2005 ,spicialized work for clean original marble and . Work started in jannuary and completed in 17th october.

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