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Augusta's Palio Of The Fraternities

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Palio parade

For years the old tradition of the "Palio" had seemed to be lost because of the accidents occured in the seventies during horse races when many spectators were involved in.For two years this old custom has been again set up by taking some action aiming at safeguarding spectors,jockeys and horses. The "Palio" celebration consists of two parts. The first part is centered on the historical fancy-dress parade representing the event in which the Christian Knights,whose head was Saint Domenico,banished Saracens. In the second part the real "Palio of the Fraternities" takes place,which is a direct elimination horse race for couples of Knights. This "Palio" is greatly successful and also horses and jockeys coming from other provincies take part in it.

Pictures of Historical parade in Principe Umberto Street.

Palio fancy-dress parade

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Photo by PENTAPRISMA di F. Castorina - Via P. Umberto ,212 Tel. 978324